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Only 5% of the world supply is grown by our farmers.

Bean To Bar Chocolate Maker News!

Michael Dunn Chocolate Maker Wins four new 2018 Awards

Hooray! We've been awarded four medals for our bean-to-bar chocolate!
 •    Best Chocolatiers & Confectioners in America 4-Star Award for Superior Chocolatier
•    Silver - Best Flavored Chocolate
•    Bronze - Best Dark Chocolate Bar
•    Silver- Best Milk Chocolate Bar
We now have eight award-winning chocolate bars. Thank you! We'll continue pursuing taste perfection!   

Rescued From The Venezuelan Jungle

It is uncommon to see vintage chocolate making machinery. But this extremely rare 1901 Lehmann Melangeur is working and on public display in our Chocolate Tasting Room!  

With dogged persistence and some good fortune, Michael located a very large (8 foot wide, 12,000 Lb) vintage Lehmann Melangeur (circa 1901) in the jungle of Venezuela. Read More...

Making Bespoke Chocolate for Clif Family


Post by Linzi Gay 

At the start of the year, a group of us that included our winemaker, chef, myself and a few others from our team met up one early morning with Rachel and Michael Dunn. We shared a cup of coffee... Read More