About Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn is a Master Chocolate Maker and  Confectioner who has dedicated the last 34 years honing his craft.

The quest to learn, test and coax the nuances of each species and origin of cacao beans to their absolute glory is what drives Michael's passion.

He loves to teach others about chocolate - since 2013  Michael and his wife Rachel have taught chocolate workshops and classes at their factory, which 60,000+ guests have attended.    

The "Maker" portion of chocolate making is technical, complicated, scientific and mechanical. It is also precise and artistic. To make fine couverture chocolate of the highest quality requires all of these things practised in a craftsmanship manner with a continuous reach for perfection.   

Interesting events and circumstances provide inspiration for Michael to invent a new machine, tool or recipe to create the very best chocolate possible for the occaison. 

His long years of disciplined practice have materialized into accolades from leading national taste authorities.  

Michael's bar for taste was set at a chance encounter in 1986 with the world renowned Bernachon Chocolate family from Lyon, France.

At that time, Michael and his wife Rachel were growing their 2yr-old confections company. A purchase of the Dunn's "Grand Collection" in Saks Fifth Avenue led Bernachon to call upon them to assess the chocolate market in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Part of the work involved tasting nearly 30 different Bernachon chocolate products. American chocolates tasted nothing like this at all!

That wonderful introduction inspired Michael and Rachel to make chocolate from those most flavorful cocoa beans.

And the rest is .... a lovely, delicious new history of flavor being created year by year, with all the discipline, inventiveness and dedication that mastery requires.