Our Celebrated Couverture Chocolate

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We're passionate about great ingredients and great taste!  

We're a team of Makers who are helping pioneer the New American Craft Chocolate Movement, and we're relentless about crafting the best tasting chocolate possible.

We use organic and non-gmo milks, sugar, soy lecithin and whole vanilla beans. And, our farmers provide us with some of the most rare and interesting flavor cacao beans grown on Earth.

Each step in chocolate making either presents or removes flavor, and this is where our expertise shines. From slow roasting the beans to moulding perfect bars, we're passionate about creating truly memorable flavor. 

Our European-style couverture chocolate is sought after by relevant pastry chefs and chocolate connoisseurs alike. 

We're inspired by the nearly magical properties of cocoa beans and the making process, but what we really love is the gift of flavor that we get to share with you!   Bon Appetit!